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Home and Beyond eV is an association of migrant women with different backgrounds.

We have been around since 2021. (officially registered August 2022)


Through workshops and consultations we can discuss various topics with women such as: 

  • A Fulfilling Life: The Importance of Being Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally Healthy.

  • Challenges of raising a child in 2 cultures:
    Identity Crisis, Culture Clash, Family Values & Single Parents.

  • Self-care: self-confidence & mindfulness, self-image and own limits.

  • Personal competence: communication, coping strategies and interpersonal skills.

  • Violence Prevention: Definition, Awareness, Types and Consequences.

We also offer intercultural, psychosocial group care and individual counselling. The consultation can take place after the workshop or on another day. What is special about Home & Beyond is the work of migrants with other migrants. We offer workshops and advice in our mother tongue, building trust with women without treating them in a derogatory way. We act as a bridge between the migrant women and the health system. We help women to access the health system and information. And we help the women find a way to deal with and overcome the stress that a new life here brings with it.

So far we have offered workshops and consultations in various accommodations in Berlin and Brandenburg, also in the language café and at partner organizations.
Our main partner is Interkular gGmbH in Berlin and the Falkensee Welcome Initiative in Falkensee. 

The languages we offer are German, English, Arabic, Somali, Farsi, FrFrench and Wolof.

We see you and we are here for you


The association Home & Beyond eV  consists of women from Somalia, Iran, Senegal, Germany and Libya.  They have experience in the fields of pedagogy, psychosociology and health and workshops -Moderation. 

Home & Beyond aims to empower refugee women for themselves.

They can speak as well as be heard and have the authority to  their family planningmanage and about idetermine their own health.  In general, there is a historically growing distrust of white European culture that developed as a result of experiences of colonization and enslavement.


Anab Mohamed

from Somalia

Anab has been working as a psychosocial counselor for 5 years, through her women's projects such as Space2grow have been brought to life. In 2018 she won the German Integration Prize

and in 2020 the Global Citizen

Country Hero Awards.

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Fatemeh Hosseini

from Iran

Fatemeh holds a PhD in Sport Psychology from the

Humboldt University. She worked in Iran as a psychologist in the Department of

motor behavior and in Germany in the international psychosocial organization as a psychosocial counselor. 


Faduma Hassan Aden

from Somalia
Fadumo is a nursing assistant, 

works as a translator and is a volunteer in organizing workshops. 


Julia Krause

aus Germany

Julia does marketing and communication.


Sophie Wade

from Senegal

Sophie has a Masters in Linguistics, she is 

Project worker in our association.


Sifana Elrefaei

from Libya
Sifana is a psychosocial counselor, she worked with various organizations such as Albatros as a counselor and as a self-organized group leader offered workshops for six years.

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